You wont find me excited about a trip to Portland in anticipation of all the microbrews I’m going to taste.  I don’t like microbrews.  The only one I like is the original:  Anchor Steam Beer.  They fill me up and make me burp.  And my burps have such a strange, malty presence.

Beer, to me, is all about the pure refreshment.  Ice cold.  Preferably in a can.  And definitely from America.  On a hot summer day, when it’s time for a beer, this is what I go for:

  1. Grain Belt Premium
  2. Heileman’s Old Style
  3. Kokanee Glacier Fresh Beer
  4. Narragansett Lager
  5. Miller High Life (The Champagne of Beers)
  6. Coors Banquet Beer
  7. Coors Light
  8. Pabst Blue Ribbon
  9. Hamm’s
  10. Anchor Steam Beer