This is a special list dedicated to the Ultimate Epicurean Experiences of the World.  It may be the only reason for visiting this site!  I welcome your submissions.

How does something make the list?  I must obsess about it for days after the meal, and I must order it without hesitation the next time I come back to the place.  And I must talk about it.  And dream about it.  And tell random people about it.  Some of the places and dishes on the list are long gone, but the memories will remain here for as long as I can afford to support this site.


The Ultimate List:

Akamaru Modern, Ippudo, NYC

Testa Pizza, Marta, NYC

Pepperoni Roll, Roberta’s, UrbanSpace NYC

The Tomahawk, Pig Bleecker, NYC

Smoked Fried Chicken, Pig Bleecker, NYC

Brick-pressed Chicken, Marc Forgione, NYC

Spicy Lobster with Texas Toast, Marc Forgione, NYC

The Steak Bomb, Destino’s, Glocester, MA

Pizza Stracciatella, Marta, NYC

Lamb Tartare with shrimp salt, Lowlife, NYC

Borscht, Trout Roe, and Raw Cream, Lowlife, NYC

Spicy chicken sandwich, Fuku, NYC

Duck Carnitas, Cosme, NYC

Uni tostada, Cosme, NYC

Veal Parm, Carbone, NYC

Side of sweet corn with bacon and truffles, Carbone, NYC

Spicy Rigatoni a la Vodka, Carbone, NYC

Pork Chop & Peppers, Carbone, NYC

Lobster Fra Diavolo, Carbone, NYC

Red Sweet Shrimp Crudo, Costata, NYC

Duck Chirashi, Chez Sardine, NYC

Bottled Manhattan, Booker & Dax, NYC

Fried Chicken with Jerk Spices, Willow Road, NYC

Ponzu-glazed salmon sashimi on crispy sushi rice with chipotle mayo, Mercer Kitchen, NYC

Thrice-cooked bacon with rice cakes and tofu, Mission Chinese, NYC

Salt cod fried rice, Mission Chinese, NYC

Short Rib Sandwich, Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria, NYC

Escargot-style fried oysters, Ca Va, NYC

Prime Rib, Manny’s Steak House, Minneapolis, MN

112 Cheeseburger, 112 Eatery, Minneapolis, MN

Pickled Elephant Garlic Cloves, Four Seasons, NYC

Pasta Za Za, Minetta Tavern, NYC

The Sazerac (yes…a drink and quite a great updated version of the classic), Hakkasan, NYC

Braised lamb taco, North End Grill, NYC

The Wylie Dog (deep fried wiener with deep fried mayonnaise, tomato molasses, onions, romaine), PDT, NYC

“Ricci” (Sea Urchin, melted lardo, sea salt on a bruschetta toast), Marea, NYC

Scallion pancake, Lychee House, NYC

Veal angolotti with sweetbreads and mushrooms, Marea, NYC

Squid ink pasta with sea urchin and jalapenos, Maialino, NYC

Spaghetti with crab, sea urchin and basil, Marea, NYC

The Horseshoe Sandwich, Smith & Wollensky, NYC

Spinach gnocchi in brown butter sauce, Vetri, Philadelphia, PA

Roasted wild mushrooms with pancetta, garlic, ricotta salata, and a poached egg, L’artusi, NYC

Roasted Brussels sprouts, Dell’anima, NYC

New Style Uni Sashimi, Nobu 57, NYC

Sweet & Spicy Fried Calamari, Bobby Van’s, NYC

Cheesesteak Egg Roll, Philly’s Cheesesteak, Hoboken, NJ

Suckling Pig (for 2-3), Maialino, NYC

BLT with fried eggs, American cheese and a hashbrown patty, Joey B’s, Cos Cob, CT (details)

Salmon Tartare, Baang, Riverside, CT

Stuffed Pig’s Foot (really a leg), The Breslin, NYC (details)

Mushroom soup with croutons, lardons, mushroom slices, and goat cheese, Les Papilles, Paris

Saute of veal sweetbreads, foie gras, crawfish, in braising juices with pasta shells and bacl truffles, Benoit, Paris

Brussels Sprouts with Pork Belly, The Publican, Chicago, IL

The Cheeseburger, Holeman & Finch Public House, Atlanta, GA (details)

Guanciale, Black Truffle, and Sunnyside Up Egg Pizza, The Tarry Lodge, Port Chester, NY

Bistecca Fiorentina for Two, Carnevino, Las Vegas

Cracklin Pork Shank, Maloney & Porcelli, NYC

Reuben Fritters, Delicatessen, NYC

Cheeseburger Spring Roll, Delicatessen, NYC

Cheddar Bacon Burgers with Crispie Creme buns, Google Cafeteria, NYC

Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta, Babbo, NYC

Side of Brussels Sprouts, Spotted Pig, NYC

Fried Duck Egg and Bacon Salad, Spotted Pig, NYC

Banoffee Pie, Spotted Pig, NYC

BBQ Pork Bun, Fatty Crab, NYC

Polenta. Tutto Al Giorno, Sag Harbor

Whole roast pig, St. John’s Smithfield, London

Tacos al lengua. Taqueria La Mexicana, Half Moon Bay, CA

Asparagus with pancetta, garlic, chili pepper & oyster sauce, Garibaldi’s, San Francisco

Steak and Cheese sandwich with Pommes Frites, Pastis, NYC

Lobster Roll, Red’s Eats, Wicasset, Maine

Dry-rubbed pork tenderloin, Fore Street, Portland, Maine

Spaghetti in red sauce, Delfina, San Francisco

Lobster Il Mulino (garlic and red peppers), Il Mulino, NYC

Smoked thick-cut Usingers bologna sandwich with cole slaw and pickles, Blue Smoke, NYC

Roasted duck for two, The Four Seasons Restaurant, NYC

Garlic fries and an Anchor Steam, Pacific Bell Park, San Francisco

Pig’s Foot Milanese, Babbo, NYC

Upscale meatloaf, Restaurant Medure, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Pappardelle with guanciale, butter and Alba’s finest white truffles, Babbo, NYC

Braised, roasted, pressed duck, Brigtsen’s, New Orleans

The Hamburger, Bistro DB Moderne, New York City ( Top 5 Burger)

Brick-oven roasted Tuscan chicken for Two with Bread Salad, Zuni Cafe, San Francisco

Black Truffle and artichoke soup with parmesian and wild mushroom stuffed brioche, Guy Savoy, Paris

Toro Tasting Platter, Masa’s, San Francisco

Miso black cod, Nobu, NYC

Hash browns, Del Friscos, Dallas

Hash browns (scattered, smothered, covered & chunked), Waffle House, the South

Grilled corn with cheese and red pepper flakes, Cafe Havana, NYC

Brussels sprout salad with egg and bacon, Gordon’s House of Fine Eats, SF

Casoulet, Bistro Jeanty, Yountville

Texas BBQ, Angelo’s, Ft. Worth, Texas

Hot Dog with everything, Hot Diggity Dog, Chicago

Any triple decker sandwich from Koch’s, Philadelphia

Best airport restaurant: Salt Lick BBQ, Austin, Texas

Leberkase (hot bologna sandwich), any street stand in Vienna

Frites, Cafe Loup, NYC

Cheesesteak, Charlie’s Water Wheel, Philadelphia (no longer in business…sorry if you missed it)

Fruit crisp, Tavern room at Gramercy Tavern, NYC

Terrine of foie gras, beef cheek and veal foot, Eleven Madison, NYC

My Wife’s Penne Arabiata (from Mama Agata’s recipe)

Coffee ice cream, Kona Village, Hawaii

Risotto frutti di mare, La Lampara, Monterosso (Cinqueterre), Italy

Turkey club, the Viand, NYC

Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich (with egg & anchovies), Juniper Cafe, NYC

Carnitas burrito, Taqueria Maria, San Rafael, CA

Raw Sea Gull (or maybe it was puffin), Brasserie Borg, Reykjavik, Iceland

Shanghai style dumplings, Joe’s Shanghai, NYC

Bananas Foster, Friends Lake Inn, Chestertown, NY

Spaghetti and meatballs, Avenue Grill, Mill Valley, CA

Macaroni salad, Lucca delicatessen, SF

Peking duck, Wild Ginger, Seattle

Beef cheek ravioli with squab liver sauce, Babbo, NYC

Mt. Gay and tonic, Pier 23, SF

BBQ chain, Corky’s

Hamburger, the Bistroburger, Corner Bistro, NYC ( Top 5 Burger)

Po Boy, Debris Po Boy, Mothers, New Orleans

Babyback Ribs, the Rendezvous, Memphis, Tennessee

Clam chowder and sourdough bread, Swan Oyster Depot, San Francisco

Chow Tsu Bau, Ha Gow, Tsu Mai, from Ton Kiang, San Francisco

Steak Tartare w/ frites, Brasserie Balzar, Paris

Apple Tart, Boulangerie Poilane, Paris

Oeufs au caviar, Kaviar Kaspia, Paris

Pretzel, Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzel Stand, Redding Terminal Market, Philadelphia

Wild mushroom and duck mascarpone lasagna, Cafe Metronome, Portland, Oregon

Ham and butter on baguette, any cafe in France

Roast Chicken, Chez L’ Ami Louis, Paris (also incredible huge slabs of country style foie gras)

Foccacia, Liguria bakery, San Francisco

Porterhouse Steak, Doe’s Eat Place, Greenville, Mississippi

Aged Porterhouse Steak, Peter Luger Steak House, Brooklyn, NY

Doughnuts, Krispy Kreme

Oysters & Pearls, French Laundry, Yountville CA – poached oysters nestled in a sauce of zabaglione cream and pearl tapioca, topped with Sevruga caviar.

Crispy Seared Duck Foie Gras on Polenta with Country Ham, Inn at Little Washington, Virginia

Seasonal Vegetables, Chez Panisse

Lobster Roll, the Clam Shack, Kennebunkport, Maine (the meat is boiled in salt water, then quickly chilled)

Blueberry Pancakes, Original Pancake House, Portland Oregon (lumberjack-style)

Steamed Blue Crabs, Chesapeake Landing, McDaniels, Maryland (pitchers and monster crabs)

Biscuits with Debris or Blackened Ham, Mother’s, New Orleans (debris is roast-beef drippings; blackened ham is the burned-sugar coatings from the baked hams)

The Martini, Rainbow Room/Promenade Bar, NYC

Spring Rolls in Mango-Chile Sauce, Roy’s at Pebble Beach, Pebble Beach

Rum-and-Pepper-Painted Grouper with Mango and Habanero-pepper accents, Normans, Coral Gables, Florida

Baked Black Sea Bass Wrapped in Potato Crust, Restaurant Daniel, NYC

Wok-Charred Peppered Yellowfin Ahi, Alan Wong’s Restaurant, Honolulu, Hawaii

Key Lime Pie, Joe’s Stone Crab, Miami Beach, Florida (almost overshadows their famous Stone Crabs)

Blenheim Ginger Ale – South Carolina

Vanilla Cupcake, Magnolia Bakery, NYC

Sourdough Bread, Acme Bread Company, Berkeley, CA

Beef Jerky, Jiggs Smoke House, Clinton, Oklahoma

Muffaletta, Napolean House, New Orleans

Monkfish Pate Served with Ossetra Caviar, Matsuhisa, Beverly Hills, CA

Crackling Pork Shank, Maloney & Porcelli, NYC (Henry VIII-style)

Cioppino, Tadich Grill, San Francisco

French Kisses, D’Artagnan, Inc., Newark, New Jersey (Armagnac-marinated prunes stuffed with mousse of duck foie gras)

Grandmom Radomile’s Gnocchi, Tiburon, CA

North Carolina Style BBQ:  Chopped-pork sandwich, Parker’s Barbecue, Wilson, North Carolina

Texas Style BBQ:  Barbecued beef brisket, Louie Muller’s, Taylor Texas

Memphis Style BBQ:  Pulled-pork Sandwich, Interstate Barbecue, Memphis, Tennessee

Kansas City BBQ:  Beef Brisket on white bread, Arthur Bryant Barbecue, Kansas City, Missouri

Mint Julep, the Oakroom at Seelbach Hotel, Louisville, KT

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing, Kudzu Bakery, Georgetown, SC

Cinnamon Bun, Le Bistro, San Anslemo, CA

Barbecued Shrimp, Pascal’s Manale, New Orleans

Black Diamond Watermelons, Farmers Market, Sikeston, MO

Southern Fried Chicken, Mendenhall Hotel Revolving Tables, Mendenhall, Miss

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone, Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul

Grilled Salmon, Taku Glacier Lodge, Alaska

Sopa Azteca, Frontera Grill/Topolobampo, Chicago

Steamers in Clam Broth and Melted Butter, Lundy’s, Brooklyn, NY

Virgil’s Root Beer, Crowley’s Beverage Corp., Wayland, MA

Pan-Fried Trout with Grilled Shrimp, Uglesich’s, New Orleans

Rhubarb Compote, the Painted Table, Seattle, WA

Thin-Sliced Catfish, Middendorf’s, Manchac, LA

Fried Asian Oysters with Wasabi Mayo on Shredded Seaweed Salad, Merge, NYC

Pennoni with Duck Ragout and Eggplant, Valentino, Santa Monica, CA

Idaho Smoked Trout, Silver Creek Farms, Twin Falls, ID

Frango Mints, Marshall Field’s, Chicago

Citrus-Crusted Shrimp with Ginger and Bourbon, Chef Allen’s, North Miami Beach, Florida

Ole Salty’s Potato Chips, Rockford, Illinois

Bratwurst, Usinger’s Famous Sausage, Milwaukee, WI

Chicken-Fried Steak with Cream Gravy, Threadgill’s, Austin, Texas

Andouille Sausage with Homemade Worcestershire Sauce, Emeril’s, New Orleans

Pork Roast Stuffed with Plums and Chipolte Chiles, Café Poca Cosa, Tucson, AZ

Chocolate Frozen Custard, Nielsen’s Frozen Custard, Bountiful, Utah

Pastrami on Rye, Zingerman’s Deli, Ann Arbor, MI (even New Yorkers swear by this)

Warm-Lobster Taco with Yellow Tomato Salsa and Jicama Salad, Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas

Fried Mullet, Chet’s Place, Florida

Duck Tamales with a side of Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salsa, Coyote Café, Santa Fe, NM

Creamy Roasted Corn Soup with a HUITLACHOCHE dumpling, Maya, NYC

Roasted Lobster with a Ginger and Gewürztraminer Sauce atop Wilted Spinach, Everest, Chicago

White Chocolate Wrapped Coconut Tres Leche Served on a Slice of Grilled Pineapple, Four Seasons, Palm Beach, FLA

The Ultimate Chocolate Bar, Scharffen Bergen Chocolate Maker, South San Francisco

Grilled Pork Chops with Mushroom Gravy, the White Way, Durant, Iowa

Mac & Cheese, E.A.T., NYC

Lox, Eggs & Onions, Barney Greengrass, NYC

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Fudge & Caramel, The Ivy, Los Angeles

Fusilli, Cabbage & Sausage, Rao’s, NYC

Hobo Steak, The Forge, Miami

Slice, any pizza shop, The Boardwalk, Atlantic City

Pizza, John’s Pizzeria, NYC

Fast Food Cheeseburger, The Double Double, In-n-Out, The West

Mashed Potatoes with poached eggs and black truffles, Destinee, NYC

The “chocolate cigar”, Balducci’s, NYC


Now you should be quite hungry!



Special Thanks to Justin (may he rest in peace) who really helped get this list off the ground! And thanks to all of the other contributors!