Babbo, Waverly Place, just West of Washington Square

A Monday night dinner at 6:15 p.m.? Does this qualify for a Meal of My Life? If it’s Babbo, it sure does!

Dinner with my oldest friend Mike Kelly and the opportunity to introduce him to the world of innards and offals, prepared by the King of Innards and Offals!

Mike used to limit his culinary adventures to that of trying a new cereal.   Well, things have changed.  We shared the following awesome Mario Batali creations:

  • House-cured salumi platter
  • Braised Headcheese
  • Calves’ Brain Ravioli in a lemon, thyme and butter sauce
  • Beef Cheek Ravioli in a squab liver sauce with black truffles
  • Goose Liver Ravioli in a brown butter/balsamic reduction
  • “Living” gorgonzola cheese plate (so much mold it crawled across the plate)

A great night.  We tried three different wines, all expertly suggested by the super-friendly waiter.

A Meal of My Life!