Sushi in NYC has multiple personalities.  Restaurants can be classified into a variety of categories: the super-pricey-snobby (e.g. Midtown), the Nipponuthentic, the mega-slab, the I’d-rather-be-in-South-Beach, the all-you-can-eat-and-stay-up-all-night-getting-sick, the-cream-cheese-in-your-roll, and the schizophrenic (e.g. Ruby Foo’s).

My list is based on the fact I like top quality fish and maybe a few creative rolls:

  1. O Ya

  2. Sushi Yasuda

  3. Sushi Ginzo Onodera
  4. Sushi Seki

  5. Sen Sekana

Sushi Nakazawa is on my bucket list, as well as a few others…