Two and a half months into the new year on an unassuming Friday night in NYC, I enjoy a Meal of My Life!  Only the second time for NYC (which surprises me a little).  Elizabeth and I joined some friends, Chris and Emily, at one of their favorite restaurants, The Four Seasons Restaurant.

I had always known about the Four Seasons.  (Yes, there was a time in my life when I got it confused with the hotel of the same name).  I had always thought of it as a stuffy, old school haunt that was merely surviving on its reputation alone.  I was wrong.

We dined in the Pool Room, which is now one of my favorite rooms in NYC (along with the Tavern Room at Gramercy Tavern).  The atmosphere was perfect.  The service was stellar (thanks to Giuseppe). The entire evening was absolutely wonderful.

The food:

  • Small sampling of appetizers including a shrimp dumpling and a twice-baked miniature potato with crème fraiche and beluga
  • Pan fried fresh abalone in a seafood broth with chanterelles
  • Hamachi carpaccio
  • Caesar salad tossed tableside
  • The main event: perfectly roasted duck (for two) with a crispy glazed skin, two dipping sauces, and wild rice
  • Chocolate and Grand Marnier soufflés
  • Cotton candy with homemade fresh strawberry ice cream
  • Petit fours

Chris had an awesome idea:  when you don’t finish your duck (which you won’t, no matter how good it is, with all the other food) take it home and make duck club sandwiches the next day!  It was very nice of them to give an entire new duck to bring home!