And so we start Part Two of my whole beast dining experience summer.  What happens when you get a bunch of blazer-wearing, whiskey-swilling, college buddies together for a great meal:  kill a beast and eat it.

This time we went for a place called Resto.  When you walk into Resto, you don’t immediately think “slaughterhouse”.  The place is cool…I will describe it as EuroSimple.  The influence is Belgian, no better illustrated that with the beer selection.  Or shall I say emphasis on beer (as they have some great beers from places other than Belgium).

I think you can get just about any animal you want at Resto, as long as you give them enough notice.  We only had a week’s notice so the choices were: pig, lamb, goat, or big fish.  The lamb won this round.  The goat will be next time.

Here’s a synopsis of the feast.  It was truly special and my simple descriptions do not include the critical details such as spices and sauces (but just assume they were awesome):

  • Lamb tartare
  • Lamb liver mousse with sourdough toast
  • Lamb sausage
  • Butter lettuce salad with extra crispy lamb parts
  • Lamb meatballs
  • Roast leg of lamb
  • Braised leg of lamb
  • Crispy lamb chops
  • Boneless lamb ribs
  • Lamb’s head (brain, tongue, cheek, teeth, etc.)
  • Ice cream sandwiches (ricotta gelato, chocolate sauce in between two Belgian waffles)

We had some “large format” beers and wines that paired perfectly with the meal.

This is really a perfect place for a group of at least 10…and clearly a meal I will remember for the rest of my life…