Guy Savoy, 18 Rue Troyon, Paris

Elizabeth and I had a wonderful meal on July 19, 2001, our first night in Paris together.  Guy Savoy is a famous Parisian chef who has received two Michelin stars at this, his primary restaurant.  He also owns a few bistros around Paris.

We had to choose from the normal three-course menu, a six-course tasting menu, or an eight-course celebration tasting menu.  We opted for the six-course, which turned out to be many more than that:

  • Two glases of champagne
  • Small round of foie gras on a thin piece of toast sprinkled with sea salt (4 pieces)
  • A small cup of fresh pea puree
  • A sampling of small hors d’oeurves including a brouchette of zuchini, tomato and cuttlefish, a small piece of seared, marinated tuna and some fennel puree
  • Chunks of lobster layered between artichoke heart “chips” adhered with lobster gelee surrounded by a carrot puree and lobster roe sauce
  • Seared chunk of bluefin tuna covered with dried cherries and bread crumbs and served on a bed of fresh snap peas with a fennel ginger sauce
  • Baby musselss sauteed in butter with chanterelle mushrooms
  • The house specialty, artichoke and black truffle soup with chunks of parmesian cheese and a wild mushroom-stuffed brioche for dipping
  • Duck breast seared rare served with baby spinach and potatoes Maxim (crisp layered potato pancake)
  • The cheese plate consisting of a sampling of 10 cheeses from a selection of over 40.  Roquefort papillion was my favorite.
  • Fresh strawberries served with strawberry sorbet, strawberry marmelade, dried strawberry “chips” and cool cappucino-style foamed milk
  • Layers of chocolate mousse and a crunchy nutty tasting thing (like the inside of a Butterfinger) surrounded by a coffee creme anglaise
  • Petit fours sampling including macaroons, biscotti-type cookie, and other assorted sweets and chocolates
  • A small scoop of tea-flavored sorbet
  • A small slice of a tart tartin
  • Some small muffins with dried fruits
  • Homemade Parisian chocolates
  • Freshly roasted coffee