At the time of this meal, my new favorite place in Paris is Les Fables de la Fontaine.  This is one of Christian Constant’s places.  He appears to have all of them within one block on the same street within walking distance of the Eiffel tower.  This place was insanely awesome.  A small, intimate joint with a modern, yet warm atmosphere.  I hear all of Constant’s places are great, but this one has to be a cut above the others.  Seafood. Every dish.  But even a carnivore like me loved every dish:

  • Amuse: lobster & smoked eel in an asparagus foam with chili peppers served in a shot glass
  • A plate of fresh langoustines (in their shells with a mayonnaise dipping sauce
  • Eliz: Langoustines, lightly wrapped in phyllo, flash fried with a basil dipping sauce and a salad
  • Me: Grilled shrimp with a breaded, deep-fried soft-boiled egg served on barley risotto with squid ink sauce
  • Eliz: potato-encrusted dorade sole served on artichoke mousse with grilled calamari
  • Me: Grilled scallops on “macaroni & cheese” (a bed of penne covered with charred parmesan) covered with melted parmesan and wagyu beef prepared Iberian ham style
  • Eliz: pears floating in a “Juice of Love” (cinnamon flavor) with vanilla ice cream in caramel sauce and a phyllo sugar breadstick
  • Me: cheese plate with fresh wild cherry compote
  • Wines to match

Walk off the dinner with a short stroll to the Eiffel Tower.  Really amazing at night.

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