The first guest photo was submitted by Eric:

Eric fish


The second was submitted by me:


Captions submitted:

“Justin Hochberg celebrates upon learning that his main competition Schrohe has dropped out of the singles market….”

“And if I dance backwards, the tie will stick out to the right!”

“Please, please, get out of my way – I have spotted a mosquito and must make it die!”

“I called about the couch, and you never called me back! Now I come with a crooked tie to clap my hands in your face!!!”

Another Caption Submitted:

“This picture is of your brother in law’s brother, Ralphy. he is a little tippy and trying to do the polka.

Digital camera: $400

Making fools of your friends on the internet: priceless”

Photo Submitted by Jim:

reefer johnson 01-01-00

“The Devil Goes Down to Hilo”

Photo submitted by Milt


Caption submitted:

Bensonhurst Academy Glee Club – 4 Years

Junior Varsity Dragon Rowing – 4 Years

Hat-Too-Small-For-My-Head Club – 2 Years

Favorite Quotation: “I was dressing like this when Hochman was a fourth


Photo submitted by Milt (of himself!):


Photo submitted by Jim:


MC Jimmy J chillin before his 7th-inning-strech performance

Photo submitted by Evan and Jane:


Junior Prom 1985:

Haymes already sporting the 2 a.m. hair

Jane thought it was 1955

Submitted by Evan:


Milan Duomo 1987

Ev’s bottle is still 2/3 full

Dirty Dozen

The National, Brighton Beach

Another photo submitted by Milt, Professional Photographer and Distributor of Photographs and Self Promoter and Guy Who Nags When My Guest Photos Don’t Change Every Week (which is okay because sometimes I get a little lazy):


Why Governments Made Helmet Laws

From some very proud parents hanging out in Germany:


“Open that beer and bring me my potatoes!”

Submitted by Randi:


“Hail to the Chief”

Submitted by Milt:


All primates were disgusted by the haircut!

Just your average waiter at Sunset Beach during the Summer of 2001:


“Leo doesn’t care about the couch anymore…he wants to surf!”

One reason why you should raise kids in the UK:


The Loin Man


Some great captions submitted…none suitable for publishing!


Captions submitted by Todd:

“Recession? What recession?”

“Bin Laden’s a fag”

“Uncle Bob wants YOU”

Sierra Exif JPEG

Kendall is feeling pretty good about his massive redfish

Can I Kick It?


Todd & Canard


“You’re gonna get the Pig Demon”

“Dude, stop looking at the photographer and check out this new beer”


“Okay, give me the beer back, dude.”  “Nyet!”

“I can’t believe I fell for that stupid ‘I run 100 miles per week‘ line!!”

88-11-31 (3)

Is that Michael Jackson? Is that Milt Lee? Is that black lipstick?


Tuba:  $600

Polyester Uniform: $75

Trip to Death Valley: $1025

Muni driver getting invite to band camp: priceless

Evan Bill Star 11403

One Question:

Where is Bill’s hand?

The Last Temptation of Christ?


No…they are not part of the McEnroe Family!

Liz and the Jewish Mexican!


If you do one thing in 2004….

The Card

Make sure that you make it on to this holiday card list!

Don’t worry, I threw it back!


Two good-looking high school grads!


Who’s gonna get Mrs. Robinson?

Holy Father

Holy ____!

The Best Halloween Costume Ever!


And we ALL love John Denver!


Penn Graduation 1989.  Four Proud Moms.  Four Hungover Dudes.  On the steps of Psi U!

(Note: the hair dryer in my mother’s hotel wasn’t working so she just stuck her finger in the electrical outlet!  ~Sorry Mom!)

There is a new West Coast Ambassador!


This aspiring foodie is the daughter of a friend of mine.

Note the genuine smile on her face after inventing The Hot Corn Dog.  There is already a wait-list for reservations at her future restaurant!

A true “AmCassAdor”!

1989 at the Elmo’s Garden Party:


That’s all for now…