Fries are tough.  That is why I have chosen to tackle this list first.  The quality of fries have increased so much in recent years as everyone seems to care more.   Maybe we should thank McDonald’s. The first great fry I ever had in a sit-down restaurant was at Lucky Strike in 1986.  It was late…very late.  The only thing I remember about the meal (and the night) was the French fries.  I apologize for not putting Lucky Strike on my list, but I thank them for inspiring me!

2015 Update: So I wrote that paragraph above back in 1999.  It is amazing how the French fry momentum has almost made the quality a staple.  I don’t even recognize great fries anymore, because every place seems to have them.  The only way to differentiate them is by the aioli you serve with them…or by the herbs you throw into the fryer. Or, just cook them in duck fat.  Anyway, here’s a list of my current favorites:

  1. Minetta Tavern
  2. DB Bistro Moderne
  3. Pastis
  4. Raoul’s
  5. The Breslin

Honorable mention to the Truffle Tots at the Hunt & Fish Club.