Who is Bud Biddle? And why does he get a list?? (That is NOT Bud in the photo above…)

With all of the awesome feedback I get on Schrohe.com, his passion, expertise, and breadth of experience truly stands out.  I have never met Bud.  I know he is a big guy.  I know he loves big food.  He is a retired police chief who has spent his years in California, Oregon and Montana doing whatever he can to make his stomach happy.  I respect that.  And for that reason, you need to know what Bud thinks:

Best Donuts In World

(The) Jelly Donut
Terra Linda Center
San Rafael, CA

Twice the size of KKreme, not greasy…not at all..? The crunchy, chunky
nut/sugar dusted potato donut is remarkable as are the rest. The
buttermilk bars are HUGE and flaky..!

60 cents each….!! 1/2003

John and Bea, a Thai couple own it.

Unreal quality…I’ve been in all the states in over 40 years of travel
and gourmet eating…these are the BEST donuts I’ve ever eaten.

The BEST hamburger of its kind is at Mrs Beesleys Burgers, on I-5, at
Exit 59 in Ryderwood, WA.

The deluxe with special sauce, onions, lettuce and tomato.

Bun is steamed on top, crisp on bottom, sauce is mixture of mayo, slight
mustard, chopped onion, sweet relish and celery seed.

Meat is fresh ground by owner each day.

The place, owned by the same couple, who are ALL business…since 1977,
is an old, brown building that says EAT on the sign if one is
Northbound…Southbund, all one sees is the building over on the left.
No need to advertise, their burger reputation has hundreds a day
stopping in… Next to a Unocal gas station at a remote off ramp, just
north of the Cowlitz River, on Ineterstate Highway 5, in Western WA

I’ve told many locals from Portland and Seattle about this find and they
plan north/south trips around lunch or dinner now…EVERY time…! Just
to have a couple of these burgers…$3. All rave about them…they’re
great. They deserve a place in your listings, they’re better than the In
& Out Burgers that I love…

If you make it to Portland, OR, try ‘Gino’s’ in the Leipzig Tavern. The
owner is a Marko from North Beach-SF… has been there since
1996…older, ‘seedy’ place, he owns Tavern ( block granite, old hotel
).. and Cafe…named after his son Gino, 20.  A great wine list, best
mashed potatoes and veggies ever as accompaniments, with great, no
hormone/biotics Painted Hills Beef (OR) steaks…and they have great
italian dishes..the cioppinio is light and stellar..and the BEST of the
BEST scratch, kitchen made Ceaser salads as well…HUGE ones HUGE,
enough for 5 or 6, the small one for $9.95…large, homemade
butterscotch and tapioca puddings make this ‘joint’ a dining experience
this ‘Tadich Grill’, (SF).. ‘Union Hotel’, (Occidental) atmospered
place…in the Selwood District of SE Portland on 13th. At Ginos/Leipzig
Tavern….the wait persons still husk, fresh purple garlic between
customers, in front of customers at an old counter…its ground up with
olive oil daily. (Hope they have clean fingers..!!)
I live in Portland as well…my city place now, instead of SF…I’m from
Sausalito and Belvedere, CA. Grew up in wine country.

I love food, have commercial kichens in my homes and travel the Pacific
Northwest extensively, since 1993 and before.

BEST anti-pasta plate on earth…PARMA, 415-567-0500, San Francisco, CA,
owned by Peter Elia…On Steiner just North of Lombard in Marina…if
you go,  tell Angela or Pete you are friends with me, Bobba Luba, aka:
Bud Biddle is what his ugly ass calls me…tell him nothing else. Or
tell him nothing for your evaluation…call for reservations if you go
after 7PM.

The rest of his food is great as well…try the ‘bocancini’ del casa
with extra garlic…its not on the menu. Its a veal dish thats excellent
and he makes the same with chicken breast as well.

The best sausage and eggs in the Northwest, so far…THE VIEW CAFE, a
greasy spoon located on US 95 south of Sandpoint, IDAHO about 14 miles,
at Cocalalla Lake, on the east side of the highway. Hashbrowns are
FRESH, cooked in real butter, not grill oil, BIG homemade patty sausage,
no msg, onions available in potatoes, eggs cooked in real butter, they
use no salt in cooking…must be added at table…!

THE VIEW CAFE in Northern Idaho is as good or better for sausage and
eggs than the 24 Hour Pancake and Steak House in Portland,
Oregon…another “awesome” greasy spoon across the Ross Island Bridge,
Eastbound about two blocks on the right…Its excellent for all types of
MAJOR LEAGUE breakfasts and was reviewed on Food Network 3 years ago and
given their award.


Best Deli….HUGE portions, THE ROXY DELI  in Times Square, New York
City..U N R E A L.!
All sandwiches, cold plates and the made on site deserts are photo
ops….! Sandwiches are about  9″ – 11″  high with meat… $9 – $14 …!


Incredible Italian Food is ASAGIO’S in Boise, Idaho.


The DOUBLE FRONT in Missoula, MT has the BEST deep fried chicken/cole
slaw/frozen fries, no msg in coatings, fresh meat and cooked to order
only, in block vegetable oil…no chemicals. Been there 40+ years…by
tracks, near old train station, downtown. Opens onto two streets, Double
Front…great food..!


Best round loaf, white bread is at THE GREAT HARVEST BREAD COMPANY …
Its the heaviest loaf of bread I’ve ever ‘lifted’… go to Spokane,
WA…2 stores, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho has one store, Bozeman, MT has one
store. I am unaware of any others although they have a few more
somewhere…? Insist they slice the loaf before leaving…its so
superior to any other white bread or any bread, its unreal…!!


DICKS DRIVE IN, a fast food, felon infested dump off I-90 at Division
and 3rd Streets by the Texaco Station in SPOKANE, WA has a large fish
and chips for $3 to die for….a 1/ 2 chicken dinner with slaw and fries
for $3, and ask for extra homemade tarter, vinegar packs, slaw is
awesome, always fresh….they make their own fresh batter for the fish
and chicken coatings. No msg…

The fries are freshly made by the second and cooked in block veggie
shortening…no chemicals…fries are awesome, they go through about
5000 lbs of potatoes a week…! Burgers are simple, good, ALWAYS ask for
extra onions, about 63c each or $1 for a double…! The Whammy is a
double cheese affair…$1.09…!! A10″ pizza is $1.95…! Coke tastes
like its from the old green bottles of original coke…? A real dump,
clean inside, packed at all hours, stand up order at Will…prices are
LOWWWWWW….!!! The kids from the nearby IHOPS, Burger Kings and Mc
Donalds are always seen eating at DICKS in their uniforms…like at the
In and Out’s in CA…!!
Bring a gun….!!! Just kidding…cops eat there all the time.


Best, fresh ONION RINGS are at the TRIPLE S RANCH, a ranch style
restaurant and rustic cabin affair, hidden well above Calistoga, just
off ( well signed ) of the Calistoga/Russian River Road, west of and
above Highway 29 about 5 miles. The road that leads over to Highway 101
from Calistoga….or coming north on the 101 freeway from Marin its past
Santa Rosa a couple miles to the Russian River Rd/Calistoga off ramp,
then right about 18 miles…Its a Calistoga address and phone, 707 Area
Code…Try their top sirloin steak as well…closed every New Years Eve
at midnight until April 1st each year as they only have a seasonal
liquor license. Great frog legs as well..


Best UNIQUE pastries are at the APPLE CELLAR BAKERY AND CAFE in Ashland,
OR….just off I-5 at the second Ashland off ramp (19 I think..?)
northbound, coming down from Siskiyou Summit…go west, over freeway,
past  the Arco Station, about a 1/2 mile and its on the right, just next
to a Mc Donalds…a unique place, a deli and bakery combo, FIRST
CLASS…they have unqiue bear claws and a danish with real, cooked
custard and usually fresh peaches…the latter weighs about 10-11oz and
costs just $1.95. For pastry get there before 11AM or they will probably
be all gone…! They have reasonably good food as well.


Best espresso/all around coffee beans in world:

Don’t laugh…I’m an EXPERT….

Equator Coffee Co. in San Rafael, CA

Jaguar Blend…..

Nothing compares in Brazil, Italy, France, Spain or USA…nothing I’ve
had so far…? And I’ve tried a million of them..!


Best greasy spoons in Bay Area…

—NYork Steak and Eggs — Marvins, Novato, CA

—Fresh Meat Loaf, Roast Turkey or Roast Beef Sandwich or “Blue” Plate
Meals – THE TENNESSEE GRILL on Taraval at 21st Ave in SF, CA…. Lou is

$3.95 – $6.95 respectively…!!!! Superb…!!!!

—Italian meals, lunch and dinner…a dump, The GRANADA out on Mission
Street near Ocean, SF, CA…next to the old (Italian) Royal Baking
Company. Always looks closed…best veal dishes and pot roast ever
made…! Wait staff are salty and bar still has smokers inside puffing
away, no one cares…bathrooms are tiny and stink…food prep is clean,
delicious, cheap…the best. N smoking n vinyl boothed dining room
areas…banquets are always on in back, local Italians, etc…Wines like
Louis Martini are $18 a bottle for a 99 Cab…! I love the place…!!!


—Best, “whole”  BBQ pork tenderloin, 14-16oz, GRAZZIANO’s in
Petaluma…wonderful inyoke, etc…kind of expensive…sit at counter.
Great seafood pastas…


Best baked chicken and red ‘jug wine’ in Marin is at Fredalizzios in
Fairfax…see Roy…he has some special red wine made up by (I forget),
a Syrah in a large BOX…a 90 or better score I’d say….food here is
great, old Italian family recipes…a cold, seafood salad is unreal…!


Best ministrone soup…THE UNION HOTEL in Occidental, CA…good NYorks
as well with fried, fresh garlic if you ask…an awesome, tall chocolate
and fresh whip cream, ‘cake’  like affair, can’t recall the name…and
in the summer an awesome apple pie about 5″ high in center, tightly
packed with local, Gravenstein apples. They make all their
deserts….they have an old fashioned chicken scallopini thats
wonderful…best in CA I’ve found..? Dark, olive oily style with whole
olives and you name it..!
Stay away from their pastas.. pizzas are good…


Best Basque stye, “TOTAL” dinners are at the JT BASQUE HOTEL in
Gardenerville, NV…just over Kingsbury Grade from South Shore…my hats
on the wall with he likes of General Westmoreland…! Mine, a cowboy
hat, says Detective Biddle, Alpine SO 1970 — Steak and Chicken Basque
style dinners, fresh peeled fries, plain salads, side dishes,
etc…fried garlic on request…lots.. ! See Marie….or JD….the dad
died a few years ago…real Basque’s…!

Another Basque Restaurant, The PYRENEES is nearby, just north of the JT
on the pposite side of the street…its great as well…


Best TRUCK STOP for NY steaks, smoked/bbq ribs, red beers, salad bar and
fries…is BOB’S TEXAS T-BONE ( a house special  chuck steak for $10, I
prefer the NYork with fries ), off I-84, eastbound at Rufus, Oregon…I
sit at a 2 person booth no one uses right across from the salad
bar…only booth there and NEVER occupied in over 35 years I’ve stopped
there…!!! Same food, reasonable prices, no atmosphere…! Bar in next
room. If I wanted to drop from sight it’d be in Rufus, Oregon..!


Italian place on Eureka, CA side street  …… …..Roy’s….excellent,
old style Italian, Occidental atmosphere…fettucini alfredo with extra
garlic is stellar…reasonable. House wines are ok, off brand Zins
great, cheap.


One of the best Seafood Buffet’s ever on Friday’s, and reservations are
always required….same for Sunday Brunch (not bad…) and daily, the
second best, fresh seafood salad ever is at the SKAMANIA LODGE in
Stevenson, WA across the bridge to WA 14 from I-84, right to signs about
3 miles, left to lodge. New, (9 years) “old style” mountain style lodge
overlooking the Columbia River about an hour east of Portland.

Golfing, gym, gift shop and great room with 100 ton stone
fireplace…etc. All services. 4 star hotel/lodge….


Best Northwest White Chowder – All of DUKE’S locations in Seattle, WA.


Best combination Bakery/Sandwich/Espresso/Juice cafe in Seattle so far –
THE HONEYBEAR BAKERY – 2 or 3 locations now…? One was closed as they
lost their lease and moved their main location.


Intimate, local neighborhood, eclectic, NICE little restaurant with
great wines, atmosphere and food is MONA’S above Greenlake District.


Cafe BRIO, Victoria, BC, Canada has great wines, fine Italian/eclectic
fare and ambience.
On Fort Street….

And there is a Chinese Restaurant just past CAFE BRIO, Eastbound on Fort
on the same side of the street, about a block and a half or so, I forget
the name….it has a glassed in kitchen and its not a big place. Its the
best Chinese food I’ve ever eaten anywhere and the fresh fish dishes are
incredible..! Always packed, no reservations…No msg…


UMBERTOS ITALIAN RESTAURANTS in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Main, OLD one on
Horn is best. Cooking school/small hotel in Tuscany is awesome as well.


‘Most romantic’ lunch in Northwest is at the TEA HOUSE RESTAURANT in
Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Very, very old english style,
lawns/garden cottage with a large, greenhouse/conservatory overlooking
the inlet, main shipping lanes in/out of Vancouver Harbor. Great food,
good wines and great, fireside dinners as well. Unreal setting, hard to
find, hidden away on Northwest corner of park….the best..!!


Best FRESH cooked, roast beef/turkey deli sandwiches in Marin County are
the ROAST HAUS HOF BRAU’S in Terra Linda Center and in Novato.


Cute little knock off ( original one closed ) an ex employee took
recipes and opened this one. Its a cute, small, garden cafe in Marin
with excellent ceaser and other salads, soups, sandwiches, pastries and
pancakes with fruit…its known as JAVA. Its behind the Bank of The West
in Larkspur, CA.


22 years, XENON CAFE in Eugene, OR has been run by two guys from SF…..
had excellent food until a year or so ago…tried it twice more in past
5-6 months and the luster is off…warn everyone…the deserts are still
huge and awesome, coffee and wines are fine as well…food has slid. I
told one owner and he was pretty busy and doubt he listened…always
packed. Very popular still, decline has probably been slow and many
don’t notice..? I had a pal try it as well, he agreed…it has slipped
from a 2-3 star to a 1/2 star…?


I’m highly allergic to msg and anything hydrolyzed, i.e.; free
glutamates, msg and all isolated proteins…they are like speed for
anyone and great dehydrators…very unhealthy.
I get adverse reactions from most foods they’re used in and most places
have same in soup/sauce, gravy stocks that are bought, tuna they use,
frozen potatoes, french fry oils, grill oils, pancake mixes, oyster
sauces, soy anything, (I’ll send you a list)….

Foods from Sysco and Ryekoff and Food Services of America are the worst
msg infused foods in America…its dope, excitotoxins and affects the
central nervous system adversely and dries us up…think about the meals
you’ve had that make you dry….later, 2-4 hours later or when you
awaken after a night out at dinner…


The only safe ice creams with no whey protein, (msg related)….or other
chemicals, they even use “natural flavors” to hide msg relatives, if its
last on the ingredients list its safe and usually no reactions…i.e.;
catsup has “natural flavors”  AND THAT ALWAYS MEANS IT HAS MSG OF SOME
SORT…in anything…!…Now, back to ice creams….

In Marin….SWENSENS ice creams in Terra Linda Center are “homemade”
with ALL fresh stuff, by enlarge.

All Chains are all full of msg….other chemicals.

Haagan Daz..USA, [[ Not in Canada as Nestles makes for HD under license
and Nestle’s anything is POISON, msg’d, etc…]]

HDaz, USA ice cream, BREYERS with a B…….. [[ Dreyers is poison
]]……..BEN & JERRY’S and DOUBLE RAINBOW are safe. No hydrosylates,
hydrolyzed proteins as of now…

PENINSULA DAIRY (Palo Alto) makes a chemical free ice cream as well….

**N O T E:  ALL low fat/no fat foods, inc. ice creams, all soy
crap…ALL have free glutamates and msg related junk therein…few
people know anything about it…! Its all hard on the body, reduces
immunity, dehydrates and revs some people up…migraines, etc..

These additives make cheap ingredients taste good so manufacturers can
use unfresh and/or inferior ingredients….cheaper and still tasty.

Best is NEVER to eat anything not fresh or prepared from fresh and use
only salt, pepper and lemon or wines for flavorings…


TRADER JOE’S Chain has a lot of “SAFE” foods, tunas, salmons, frozen
fish…WHOLE FOODS Chain uses ONLY chemical free foods in their deli’s
Nationwide…but in both chains, one must still read labels on anything
canned, boxed or processed.


Best Mayonaise is msg free, SAFFOLA SAFFLOWER OIL MAYONAISE and tastes
as good as Best Foods..the latter, and all others except TJoes, have msg
‘things’ therein..


And you will have to look up all the phone numbers and addresses of
these places I
submit, etc…so, post away.

I’m a “fooder kinda guy” and know my stuff….its only because I travel
so much and love food as a hobby chef and get sick on most restaurant
shit, i.e.; msg infused things.

Travelling is difficult. Most places have chemically infused foodstuffs.
Its cheaper than scratch/fresh for most places and I’ve been forced to
learn how to ask all about and eat around the bad ones if I’m
stuck…i.e.; Mc Donalds…a Big & Tasty ordered with no seasoning comes
great and just add salt and pepper…I may have already spoken of this
with you..? I can’t recall..?

One now must ask these questions in order to avaoid chemicals:

1) Do you chop your own garlic…?

2) Do you use any season salts on steaks..?

3) Is you prime rib cooked freshly..? Never order same “au jus”…
always order prime rib “DRY”… au jus is pure chemicals and water…all
msg….beef stock powder is all msg..almost 100%..! Usually listed as
“hydrolyzed protein”  or ‘isolated protein’, etc…

4) At all CATTLEMANS, great steaks…NEVER order a steak without saying
“absolutely NO seasoning salt on my steak” … put your own on. The
stuff they cook steaks with is almost all MSG..! They will always do
this, but taste first as the kitchen makes mistakes on rare

5) In ALL Chinese Restaurants that say “NO MSG”…usually means they
“shake” no msg into their cooking. And usually their other food has
msg…many times they don’t even know as the names are deceptive.

**Make sure Chinese places chop their own garlic cloves as well…ask
them, and ask about soups and pot stickers…usually pot stickers have
msg .. ?

NEW***A new place in TIBURON, CA, its Chinese..is directly between the
BOARDWALK MARKET and the Wells Fargo Bank. Its ‘in back’, down at the
end of a small courtyard on a raised, board, walkway…I was there 3
weeks ago and its great…The garlic scallops in a sweet oyster sauce
was the best I ever ate and NO msg in anything they say…even the
fish soup was hearty and fresh..it gave me NO reaction.

**All processed garlic is packed in oil and uniformly chopped. It
retards digestion, creates indigestion and migraines. The preservatives
in this shit changes the garlics chemical structure somehow..? Its
strong, not much taste going down, lots of taste and fire coming up..!

6) Always ask if french fries are fresh cut or frozen…most frozen
ones, almost all frozen ones actually have a variety of chemicals in
them. Some are even soaked in a briny solution like is shot into
packaged roast turkey/beef before freezing and all frozen ones have msg,
stay white and a couple preservatives I can’t pronounce, therein.

7) Ask if they cook fries, or other deep fired things, in block,
vegetable shortening or what..? Most french fry oils are like grill
oils…all have chemicals and some type of msg, many are reconstituted
oils, all have anti-foaming agents and other “staying” chemicals and are
cheaper than ‘fresh’ shortenings and are less hassle for the chef..

8) Ask if hashbrowns are freshly made or frozen and those and eggs, or
anything else you have thats fried, i.e.; fish, etc…ask if they;re
cooked in butter…if not, if its grill oil as 90% are, simply tell the
waiter to make sure the item is cooked in butter. Fish and seafood can
also be cooked in olive oil safely. If they won’t do either, simply get
up and leave.


Albertsons Grocery Stores are the only ones left who make an
msg/preservative/chemical free, GENUINE, whipping cream by the
way…there are no others. Well…perhaps Peninsula Dairy in Palo


I’ll send you some msg data thats right on…I’ve done the research for
20 years or more…any of the propaganda that its any good is all
industry driven…

Since you’re into food so far you may know all this bullshit about food
chemicals, perhaps not..?

Check this out….

Alice Waters and I had a long talk one day in Berserkely at her Chez
Pannisse (Spell.?) and I ask her why she used so many FRESH ingredients
in her award winning cooking and I ask the same of MFox, the owner of
Cafe Beaujoleis (Spell..?) in Mendocino…both said: “The food is just
simply better”…and neither had a clue about the chemicals coming
hidden in things not fresh, things processed….neither used chemical
foods though, they just didn’t have the above knowledge…

At Maggie’s in Mendocino I made up a dressing for her warm
duck/walnut/peach salad, hers was soooo bland and I complained…she
said ” you have a better one” ( a slow night )  and I said “of course”
and she still uses same I believe..? That was 1988…!

1 cup EV Oilve Oil
2 Tablespoons of 75 grain, red vinegar
1 Tablespoon of sweet, rice vinegar
1 Tablespoon of pureed, fresh garlic
1 Teaspoon of kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon of coarse, ground pepper
1 Tablespoon of parmesean cheese (Reggiano)
1 Tablespoon of celery seeds
1 Teaspoon of white sugar
1 Small can of chopped, black olives
1 Dash of dry, red pepper flakes


1/4 Teaspoon of yellow mustard or dry mustard

1/4 Teaspoon of horseradish w/out chemicals

1    Tablepoon of blue cheese

Blend in blender for 10-15 seconds ONLY and serve…..all to
taste….the best…!! Can be used for a variety of dishes actually…as
a garnish of sorts…or…?

Thanks Bud!