Those of you who know me well know that my plan for retirement is to open a high end spirits dispensary in some killer affluent town (maybe in Montana).  This way I can curate personalized recommendations based on my rich experience on the topic.  So, if you cannot make it to Montana in 20 years, you can access my research here now.


American Whiskey: There is no better time to be a bourbon drinker.  Or a distiller.

Tequila:  UPT, or Ultra Premium Tequila, is an expensive habit, but when you sip it neat, the enjoyment lasts a long time.

Gin: Why, oh why, did I despise this delicious spirit for such a long time?

Wine: Not technically a spirit, but it goes so much better with food.

Beer:  You won’t find microbrews here.  For me, beer is a refreshment, enjoyed ice cold and preferably in a can.

Cocktails:  Seasonal drinkers rejoice!  My favorite cocktails for warm and cold months reside here.

Bars: The next best thing to a restaurant is a bar.  Of course I have a few Top 5 Lists.