Step up to the plate.  Pedal to the metal.  No regrets.  Take it to the max.  Sometimes you need a night where you simply go all out.  Forget the cost.  Forget your health.  Forget all conventional eating practices.  Fill your gut with the raw stuff, the red meat, the innards, the offals, and the organs.  Enjoy the look on the tourist’s face as she strolls past your table in horror.  Take no prisoners.

Where do I go when I really need to let it rip?

  1. Carbone (order everything…including a stretcher to take you out)
  2. Babbo (where no part of the animal or grape is wasted)
  3. The Breslin (and pray that the stuffed pig’s foot is being served)
  4. Marea (ignore the clientele and just get every dish with sea urchin)
  5. Sushi Yasuda (sit at the bar in Yasuda’s section and eat everything you can obtain from him)

I’d love to put Peter Luger’s on the list, but competition is tough these days!